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Manage all your ownership agreements easy and fast without getting bogged down in paperwork
DealDep means easiness
Easier than creating multi-page paper agreements
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Create a project
Add project name and partners' share and role
Invite partners
Send invitation to partners and ask them to confirm distribution of shares and roles
Make and sign agreements
Answer the questions according to your intentions. Send the agreement to the partners to confirm
Get agreement on paper
After partners' confirmation click "print" and get paper agreement
Use blockchain technology
If you believe the main thing is the core of an agreement and your partners' reputation but not paper with signatures, then send it to blockchain instead of signing paper agreement (coming soon…)
DealDep features
Lock-in agreements
Startuppers settle their shares and roles in a café using a napkin to put the agreements down. Use DealDep instead of a napkin. Open, create a project and lock-in the agreements
Grant options
Need to grant an option to employee here and now? Make him/her a grantor in 10 minutes
Define business valuation principles
Choose suitable estimators and confirm it with partners in 2 clicks
Manage partner relationship under one interface
Being a partner in different projects you might need to refresh your liabilities. Just open DealDep and look through the project agreements maps
I have been working in corporate law and deal structuring for more than 8 years. I have seen many entrepreneurs and many conflicts between shareholders. Now I believe neither multipage documents nor the amount of lawyers around solve the problem of regulating relations. On the contrary often it makes the situation even worse.

Shareholders agreements are a living relationship system. The rules of that system cannot be confirmed once and forever. What if we could give entrepreneurs opportunity to describe that relationship system faster? Then change and update it as fast as realities of doing business demand? Doing all that without any lawyers and mediators?

Yes, the idea of the project evolved right after these questions!

Ekaterina Igoshina, CEO DealDep
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